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Funky or classic; modern, traditional, or avant garde, no matter what your style is–or what you want it to be–Briggs Auction is a great place to explore and find pieces that speak to you and your space. Each Discovery Auction features a fun mix of merchandise fresh to the market from local estates and collections. Every Fine Estate Catalog Auction offers an eclectic selection of antiques and more. The Warehouse Auctions are a great way to find furnishing & decorate your home. Be inspired, and find it at Briggs! 

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Upcoming Auction Notes:

Discovery at Briggs Auction: Online

Next Auction Closes:
February 21.
Bidding is open now!

Th. 2/20: 10AM – 7PM at Briggs Auction

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The Warehouse at Wayforth: Online

Next Auction Closes:
February 26.
Auction will be posted soon!

Tu. 2/25: Noon – 6PM at the Warehouse

Fine Estate Catalog Auction: Live at Briggs Auction

Next Auction:
March 13 at 11AM
Catalog in progress!

W. 3/11: Noon – 5PM
Th. 3/12: Noon – 7PM
F. 3/13: from 9AM

Real Estate Auctions

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