Until further notice, all bidding for all auctions will be online only. Absentee and Telephone bidding are currently unavailable. See applicable auction detail page for bidding information.


If you can’t stay for the auction, you can still participate by submitting an absentee or a telephone bid using the form below.

Absentee Bids: You tell us the item(s) you’d like to bid on and how much you’ll pay maximum. We’ll bid for you up to the amount you submit. If it sells for less than your bid, you’ll get it for that price. The minimum absentee bid is $50/item, for Fine Estate Auctions/Special Collections Auctions. Please note: Absentee bids must follow our bid increments.  

Telephone Bidding: We will call you during the auction you when your item comes up and bid with you live. The minimum opening telephone bid is $300/item for Fine Estate Auctions/Special Collection Auctions, and bidding will follow our posted bid increments for this auction.

Click HERE to view bidding terms and increments.

General Bid Submission Information:

  • All bids must be submitted by 7PM the Thursday prior to auction day. If you submit a bid after the 7PM Thursday deadline, you must contact the showroom to verify receipt. We are not responsible for errors or omissions of unconfirmed bids received after the deadline or received during the auction.
  • While we make every effort to execute your bid(s) correctly, we cannot be held responsible for error or failure to execute your bid.
  • By submitting the bid form below, you authorize Briggs Auction, Inc. to charge your credit card for all successful bids, including buyer’s premium and applicable sales tax immediately following the auction, unless you notify us in writing prior to the end of the auction that you will be making alternate payment arrangements.

Internet/Live Auctioneers Bidding (when available): If requested to provide a valid credit card for approval or deposit purposes, you may use this form. Please fill out the top portion, and in the first bid information field, type “Approval” or “Deposit” as applicable. By submitting your card information, you agree the card may be charged as agreed for approval/deposit. All unsuccessful bidders will have any deposits charged released within three days of the auction, but availability of funds may take up to 30 days, depending on the terms of your card.

View full auction bidding terms and
 bid increments for the February Fine Estate Auction HERE.


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    I agree to be bound my bids and, if successful, agree to pay the bid amount and buyer's premium. I understand that final knockdown bids are irrevocable. I understand that everything is sold as is, where is, without guarantee. View our Terms & Conditions.