Have some things to sell?
The best way to contact us at this time is by Email:
Please tell us your name and phone number, describe the pieces you want to sell, and include photos if possible. We don’t need detailed/close-up photos; just give us a general understanding of what you have.  Our evaluators will review and let you know what they think, and how the selling process works. 


We are more than the sum total of the merchandise we have sold. For more than 80 years Briggs Auction, Inc. has specialized in selling the personal belongings of whole estates, collections, and partial contents of homes for seniors and downsizers in a discreet, professional manner. We work closely with numerous lawyers and trust officers from the Philadelphia metro area, with a focus in Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery Counties.

Our reputation for honesty and integrity is based on a tradition of providing the highest quality services, and we are proud of the fact that word of mouth continues to be the number-one way new consigners and buyers find us. We are one of the premier auction houses in the tri-state area, with an extensive—and growing—customer base of dealers and knowledgeable private collectors.

Our clients and customers are the heart of our operation, and we take great pride in knowing them each as individuals. As a four-generation, family-owned business, this has been our philosophy from the very start.




Contact us to discuss selling your items at auction; email is preferred. After that, the first step is an in-home evaluation or a FaceTime virtual evaluation with one of our experienced and knowledgeable staff to discuss which items to sell. After this complimentary evaluation, we will discuss the selling procedure, including the benefits of consignment or buy-out, and answer any other questions you may have.

New England Tiger-Maple Lowboy. Sold for $11,800
Rare Flying Horse Weathervane, A.L. Jewel Co., Waltham, MA. Sold for $49,450
John Frederick Peto (American, 1854-1907). Oil/board, Still Life. Sold for $16,940
Pr. Paul Evans (1931-1987) Lounge Chairs. Sold for $33,040.00


Once we have conducted the evaluation, we will discuss with you the benefits of selling your items on consignment or through buy-out.

Selling on Consignment

We will take care of all pickup and packing as well as advertising and selling expenses. In return, we deduct a percentage from the gross auction sale total. Consignment (also called commission) rates vary according to the value of the items to be sold. We offer competitive rates with no hidden costs. If additional packing/materials fees are applicable, we will discuss them with you up-front.

Selling on consignment also offers the advantage of competitive bidding for your items.

Following the auction, once all the items have been sold, you will receive a check for the net sale amount, along with an itemized list of all items sold and the prices realized for each.


Selling Through Buy-Out

Choose this option if you prefer to receive immediate payment for your items. This price will consider all packing and materials expenses, and you will be paid up front when the items are removed.

No matter which option you decide on—consignment or buy-out—we will take care of packing and transporting everything to our showroom as well as all advertising and selling expenses. Our experienced staff is accustomed to emptying homes of all contents: furniture, collectible, china, jewelry, silver, automobiles, artwork, tools, linens, and everything in between.


If you are the Executor of an Estate or a lifetime collector ready to downsize, we can help. Briggs Auction, Inc. specializes in selling whole and partial estates and special collections, both large and small. We routinely realize prices comparable or greater than other more nationally-known auction houses at lower cost to our consignors, and we take pride in working with our clients individually to ensure a smooth selling process.

We handle the entire selling process from start to finish, including careful packing and transportation of items, through print and on-line advertising, to the auction sale in our spacious showrooms. We offer competitive selling rates with no hidden costs.

For specific estates and collections, we can curate and promote a catalog auction and/or special collection auction that offer an international audience through live, online bidding platforms, and a broader advertising and promotion program. From traditional print advertising in well-respected antiques and collecting trade publications, to online and digital promotions to social media campaigns, we have and use the resources to reach a global customer base and generate excitement for the auction.


Have a real estate property to sell? Let Briggs Auction, Inc. sell it for you at auction.
For more information contact Lori Zytkowicz, Director of Real Estate at 610.566.3138, or email


Selling Real Estate At Auction

A no-hassle process: You determine the showing and auction dates. We coordinate the advertising, showings, and sale on auction day. Bidders come to the auction pre-qualified and prepared to buy. Settlement is quick and hassle-free. Nothing is unexpected.

Public Real Estate Auctions aren’t just for foreclosures or bankruptcy. They work for all types of real estate: Estate settlement, Residential, Commercial, Multi-parcel Properties, and even Raw Land. Auctions obtain competitive prices in an efficient and timely manner, and offer several key benefits to both sellers and buyers:

  • Sellers are spared a long, drawn out period of showings and counter offers with set showing dates and a single, set sale date.
  • Buyers have time to view the property, make inspections, determine their price, and get qualified to buy.
  • Sellers see competitive bidding that meets and often exceeds fair market prices
  • Buyers know they have a competitive chance to purchase the property with the same terms and conditions, and no special deals or contingencies.
  • Sellers know immediately that the property is sold with a quick settlement to follow, typically within 30-45 days.
  • Buyers know immediately if they are the winning bidder at the fall of the gavel.


Have things to sell?
Let Briggs Auction, Inc. sell it for you at auction.
For more information:  Email or call 610.566.3138