Special Note: The Real Estate Auction scheduled for November 18th in Clifton Heights, PA has been canceled. The property has been sold!

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Georgetown Ave, Wilmington, DE. Sold July 2017

Selling Real Estate At Auction A no-hassle process: You determine the showing and auction dates. We coordinate the advertising, showings, and sale on auction day. Bidders come to the auction pre-qualified and prepared to buy. Settlement is quick and hassle-free. Nothing is unexpected. Public Real Estate Auctions aren’t just for foreclosures or bankruptcy. They work for all types of real estate: Estate settlement, Residential, Commercial, Multi-parcel Properties, and even Raw Land. Auctions obtain competitive prices in an efficient and timely manner, and offer several key benefits to both sellers and buyers:

  • Sellers are spared a long, drawn out period of showings and counter offers with set showing dates and a single, set sale date.
  • Buyers have time to view the property, make inspections, determine their price, and get qualified to buy.
  • Sellers see competitive bidding that meets and often exceeds fair market prices
  • Buyers know they have a competitive chance to purchase the property with the same terms and conditions, and no special deals or contingencies.
  • Sellers know immediately that the property is sold with a quick settlement to follow, typically within 30-45 days.
  • Buyers know immediately if they are the winning bidder at the fall of the gavel.

Have a property to sell?  Let Briggs Auction, Inc. sell it for you at auction. For more information contact Lori Zytkowicz, Director of Real Estate at 610.566.3138, or email

Wilmington, DE. Sold July 2017
Wilmington, DE. Sold November 2016
Kennett Square, PA. Sold August 2016
Wilmington, DE. Sold Dec. 2015
Phoenixville, PA. Sold April 2015
Norristown, PA. Sold Nov. 2015
Avondale, PA. Sold December 2014
Mt. Lebanon Rd., Wilmington, DE. Sold June 2012
Commercial Property, West Chester, PA.
Glen Mills, PA. Sold April 2008